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   What to do now

Take control of your web site the easy way

Get started with a pen and paper.

What to do now:

1)  Think of a few possible (domain) names

2)  Think what pages and their titles

3)  Have any brochures, photos, pictures or maps ready (on paper or disk). Also any link addresses to other web sites which you would like to link to.

4)  Look through my portfolio and tell me which design you would prefer and note down any colour scheme.

web site -  holiday accommodation
Holiday Accommodation

Contact me with the above information to get a quote on the price and time scale. I charge from 25 per page (A4 size equivalent) and will normally have the web site built and up and running within 3 weeks. Any small alterations or queries will be done or answered within 1 day.

Complaints: In the first instance these should be directed to me through any of the means provided on the contact page. An answer will come within 1 day.
If you are not satisfied about any domain response, you may make a formal complaint about a registrar to Nominet (the .uk registry) here:

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